The Montessori Method

Lake Tapps Montessori is dedicated to following Dr. Maria Montessori's philosophies and methodologies. Below you will find a brief overview of the Montessori Method.

The basic concepts of Montessori are:

Children are capable of self-directed learning.

The teacher is an observer of the child, rather than a lecturer to the child.

In each child there resides a 'sensitive period' in which they are particularly open to learning a specific skill or type of knowledge. At these times, learning is effortless and joyful.

Children learn by doing. By using Montessori specific materials the child is able to learn and correct their own mistakes without input from the teacher.

The implementation of these methods are spread out over 6 areas of the classroom:

Practical Life - By doing activities such as pouring and scooping liquids, using various utensils and other things that they might do in their life, students develop a care for themselves, the environment and each other.

Sensorial - Children begin by learning through the senses. Using many different materials designed for the Montessori classroom children can hone their skills with the tactile, visual, and auditory senses as well as sense of smell and taste.

Language -Thru the use of different Montessori materials, children learn basic letter sounds as well as how to write.

Math - The Montessori Method uses a wide variety of materials & manipulations, each building a foundation of clear understanding of math concepts.

Geography -Children are introduced to the world and other cultures through the use of globes, puzzle maps, continent cards, land form trays, books, the atlas, music and art.

Science -Thru observation, children explore botany, zoology and astronomy.

You can find more in depth information at these Montessori websites.

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